2010 Proposed Program of Projects
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The Norwalk Transit District hereby provides notice to the public and to private providers of its proposed FY 2010 Program of Projects.

A.         Notice of Applications and Description of Proposed Program of Projects:

New Grant(s) – Section 5307:

The Norwalk Transit District is seeking financial assistance from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) of the United States Department of Transportation under the Federal Transit Act of 1964, as amended and related statutes.  The funds will be used as capital assistance for:

                                                                                    Federal Share             Total

  • Administrative Capital FY’08:                            $     80,000                  $   100,000
  • Administrative Capital FY’09:                            $     80,000                  $   100,000
  • Paratransit Fleet Replacement FY’09:               $     72,000                  $     90,000
  • Paratransit Fleet Replacement FY’09:               $   560,000                  $   700,000
  • Facility State of Good Repair FY’09:                  $   320,000                  $   400,000
  • Floor Replacement 12 30’ Buses FY’09:            $   172,800                  $   216,000
  • AVL/MDT Project FY’09:                                     $1,600,635                  $2,000,794
  • Coastal Corridor Bus Services Study FY’09       $   240,000                  $   300,000     
  • Enhancement Projects:
    • Bicycle Racks (Darien):                           $     23,750                  $     25,000
    • Bicycle Racks (Greenwich)                      $       3,325                  $       3,500
    • Bicycle Racks at Pulse Point                   $       4,750                  $       5,000
    • Stainless Steel Benches at Pulse Point  $     22,400                  $     28,000
    • Stainless Steel Shelters at Pulse Poin   $     48,000                  $     60,000
    • Public Art, Phase 1 (SNRR)                     $     49,600                  $     62,000
    • Public Art, Phase 2 (SNRR)                     $     24,000                  $     30,000
    • Norwalk River Multi-Use Trail Phase 2    $   237,500                  $   250,000

The total proposed program of project cost is $4,370,294.00.  Projects are funded at either an eighty percent (80%) or ninety-five percent (95%) federal share, for the capital projects, and will be provided under Section 5307 of the Federal Transit Act, as amended. The FTA share for the total program of projects is $3,538,760.00.  The remaining funds will be provided by the State of Connecticut, the City of Norwalk and the Towns of Darien and Greenwich.

B.        Environment:

It is proposed that there are no significant environmental impacts from this program of projects.

C.        Comprehensive Planning:

This proposed program of projects is in conformance with the comprehensive land use and transportation planning in this area and has been included in the Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP).

D.        Complete Project Descriptions and Financial Plans for Proposed Program of Projects:

A copy of the project descriptions and the related financial plans are available for public inspection at the Norwalk Transit District's office, 275 Wilson Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06854 between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, weekdays through April 20, 2010.

Any interested persons who request a public hearing on the program of projects must so notify the Norwalk Transit District by letter to be received no later than fifteen days after the publication of this announcement.  Upon receipt of a request for a hearing, the Norwalk Transit District will publish a second notice stating the date, time and location of the hearing no later than ten days before the scheduled hearing.

Written and oral comments will be taken into consideration prior to implementation of the program of projects.  Said comments must be submitted to the Norwalk Transit District by April 20, 2010 and to the attention of Louis Schulman, Administrator.  In the event no comments are received or a public hearing is not requested, the proposed program of projects as published will stand as the Final Program of Projects for the Norwalk Transit District for FY 2010.

Louis Schulman, Administrator
Norwalk Transit District
April 6, 2010




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