On-Board Bus Advertising


·        All on-board advertising must be approved by the Norwalk Transit District.  Drafts should be provided for review and approval prior to production.

·         All materials are supplied by the advertiser at no cost to Norwalk Transit District.

·         Height of signs must be 10-15/16 inches.  Width may be up to 36 inches.

·         Paper signs are prohibited.  Sign material should be 0.020 inch styrene or similar.

·         Tear-aways are not allowed.

·         Signs will not remain in buses longer than 30 days, unless specifically noted.

·         The Norwalk Transit District has 51 buses.


The Norwalk Transit District waives fees associated with advertising for non-profit community organizations.  It is at the discretion of the Norwalk Transit District to determine.  


For-profit advertisers may contact the Norwalk Transit District for additional advertising options and rates.


To advertise with the Norwalk Transit District email info@norwalktransit.com.


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