Advertise with Norwalk Transit

To advertise with Ad Cards on-board Norwalk Transit buses submit a request to

All on-board advertising on Norwalk Transit vehicles must be approved by the Norwalk Transit District. Draft of the ad cards should be provided for review and approval prior to production. 

All materials are supplied by the advertiser at no cost to Norwalk Transit. Height of Ad Cards must be 10 15/16 inches.  Width may be up to 36 inches. Ad Card material must be 0.020 inch styrene or similar. Paper signs are prohibited. Tear-away signs are not allowed. 

Bilingual English/Spanish advertisement is encouraged. 

Ad Cards will remain on vehicles for 30 days, unless instructed otherwise. Norwalk Transit has 50 transit buses with 6,000 passengers riding on a regular weekday.


Community Organizations

Norwalk Transit waives fees associated with advertising for community organizations. It is at the discretion of the Norwalk Transit District to determine this status. 

For-Profit Advertisers

For-profit advertisers may contact the Norwalk Transit District for additional advertising options and rates.  


Recent Advertisments