Service Changes and Fare Changes Effective January 2018

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Norwalk Transit’s door to door fares for Norwalk / Westport / Wilton door to door trips will no longer be discounted when purchasing a book of 10 tickets.  The purchase price for a book of ten tickets will increase to $35.00 ($3.50 per ticket).  There will be no increases to the current Stamford / Darien / Greenwich door to door tickets.

LOCAL WHEELS ROUTES - Effective January 28th, 2018

On weekdays WHEELS 12 will no longer serve the Rowayton Avenue area.  The bus will utilize Roton Middle School as a turnaround point before heading inbound towards the Hub. 

REGIONAL BUSES - Effective January 28, 2018

The Coastal Link will operate be operating on a new 30 minute schedule during the entire day.  Previously, the schedule was set for 20 minutes during peak time, and 1 hour during off peak times.

 The Route 7 Link between Danbury and Norwalk will not be operated by Norwalk Transit.  Norwalk Transit will continue the service to Wilton Center every hour via the Wheels #4 with connections to Hart buses available at that time.

WEEKEND SERVICE - Effective January 28th, 2018

On Saturday there will be no longer be an additional stop at Gregory Boulevard on WHEELS 11. The bus will circle around the East Avenue cemetery before heading back towards the Hub.


*NEW* All Day Service to Wilton Center

Norwalk Transit rolled out big changes for local Norwalk buses and commuter shuttles in the New Year. One of which is the re-introduction of an all-day service to Wilton Center.

As of January 30, 2017, the WHEELS 4 route has been extended to Wilton Center. The bus operates Monday through Friday. Wilton Center will be served every hour from about 7:00am to 7:00pm. iPark will be served on inbound trips.

Want to know where your bus is in real-time? Passengers with iOS or Android phones can locate their bus in real-time by downloading the mobile app MYSTOP™ or anyone can visit Sign up for service updates, customize bus alerts to your favorite routes and know exactly where your bus is.

For schedules and route information visit For general inquiries call (203) 852-0000 or email At Norwalk Transit, we are happy to serve you.



What Does the Bus Mean to You?


These are the terms used to describe possible budget cuts to the state’s transportation services this year and every business, bus rider, and resident in the region could be impacted by it. 

Bus services provided by Norwalk Transit will certainly be effected by decisions made in Hartford during this legislative session. Every state agency has been asked to prepare a budget with a 10% decrease in state funding. In addition, several options are being considered that would reduce state funding for bus service, including a 50% reduction option. Just to be clear, a 50% reduction in funding would severely reduce bus service leaving only a few routes in operation.

Imagine Norwalk and the neighboring region without a bus system!

The inability to invest in bus service means fewer and, in many cases, no mobility options for riders who use buses to get to work, school, hospitals, day care centers, shopping and other critical community services. For many businesses this would mean that employees would have no way to get to work. For residents it would surely mean an increase in street traffic and other changes in communities.

But there is hope. There is also a budget option being explored at the state level that would maintain existing services and allow for future growth in transit services. Working together to find ways to maintain the existing services and plan for growth is in the best interest of every business, rider and resident of the region.

Please take a minute to let Norwalk Transit know what these changes mean to you.


Find your state legislator and share your thoughts. Once you find your representative, make sure you click on his or her title to send an email.

Big Changes in 2017: New Fares, Passes & Schedules

Watch the CALENDAR for changes. 

As of January 8 Norwalk Transit’s cash fare increases to $1.75 and buses go from a trip-based pass system to timed passes. Passengers can purchase unlimited-trip passes in increments of 90 Minutes, 1 Day, 7 Days and 31 Days. Passengers avoid the need for limited-time transfer tickets and can transfer to any WHEELS route anywhere in the service area in the time allotted. The fare change applies to local WHEELS routes, commuter shuttles in Norwalk, Westport and Greenwich, the Coastal Link and Route 7 Link. 

Passes and tokens are available for purchase at the Norwalk Transit District Administrative Office located on the WHEELS 10 Route at 275 Wilson Avenue in Norwalk. Unlimited 7 Day and 31 Day passes in full and half fare prices will be available for purchase at the Connecticut Avenue Stop & Shop and Main Avenue Stop & Shop. Elderly persons age 65+ or persons with a disability may use passes purchased at half price. A valid Medicare Card, ADA ID or Connecticut State elderly/disabled card must be presented to the bus operator at the time of boarding.  

On January 29 Norwalk Transit rolls out new bus schedules and route changes. Kimberlee Morton, Chief Executive Officer of the Norwalk Transit District extends thankful appreciation to Norwalk Transit District customers and frontline employees that took personal time and initiative to share their concerns during the public involvement campaign.  Ms. Morton states, “We made modifications to our original proposals based on the comments received and are hopeful that this will be the first step of fiscal recovery for the Norwalk Transit District.”


On weekdays WHEELS 1 will no longer serve Fox Run Elementary School and instead travel along New Canaan Avenue capturing the former WHEELS 2 route.  WHEELS 2 will be eliminated weekdays and Saturdays. Weekday WHEELS 3 continues as currently scheduled. WHEELS 4 goes from a 40-minute schedule to a 60-minute schedule on weekdays and the route is extended to Wilton Center.  Wilton Center will be served all-day from about 7:00am to 7:00pm and iPark will be served on inbound trips. No WHEELS 4 on Saturdays. WHEELS 5/6 is eliminated weekdays and Saturdays. Weekday WHEELS 7 will operate on a 40-minute all-day schedule and no service on Saturdays. Weekday WHEELS 8 continues as currently scheduled and the route will be eliminated on Saturdays. Weekday WHEELS 12 moves to a 60-minute schedule during peak hours from 6:20am to 9:20am and from 2:40pm to 6:40pm.  WHEELS 12 will no longer serve the Rowayton Railroad Station, instead the route will service Downtown Rowayton only.  No WHEELS 12 service on Saturdays. No changes were made to WHEELS 9, 10, 11 and 13 on weekdays or Saturdays.  These routes continue as currently scheduled. On Saturday there will be an additional stop at Gregory Boulevard on WHEELS 11.


The last trip in the evening on the Merritt 7 Shuttle, Norwalk Hospital Shuttle and 10/20 Westport Road Shuttle will be eliminated.  The remainder of the morning and evening schedules are the same. The Norwalk Community College shuttle will operate two trips in the morning at 8:15 and 8:53am and no afternoon service. The Norden Park Shuttle is eliminated.  Greenwich Commuter Shuttles will operate on a modified schedule effective January 9.


The Coastal Link will operate as currently scheduled.  The Route 7 Link between Danbury and Norwalk will operate on a modified weekday schedule.


The following WHEELS routes will no longer operate on Saturdays: 1, 2, 4 5/6, 7, 8 and 12.  The following WHEELS routes will operate on Saturdays: 3, 9, 10, 11 and 13. An additional stop at Gregory Boulevard was added to WHEELS 11.  On Saturdays WHEELS 3 extends to serve Walmart and not Glover Avenue. The Connecticut Avenue and Main Avenue Evening Shuttles and Saturday Coastal Link will continue as currently scheduled.   Sunday service will operate as normal.

Need help navigating the new schedules? Want to know where your bus is in Real-Time? Passengers with iOS or Android phones can locate their bus in Real-Time with myStop.  Go to the App Store and download the free app myStop.

In January 2017 visit for an Interactive System Map.  Here passengers can sign up for service updates, customize individualized bus alerts and learn in Real-Time where their bus is.

Safe travels this holiday season!

Fiscal Year 2017 Budget Approved by City of Norwalk

Norwalk Transit District’s budget for fiscal year 2017 was approved by the Commissioners of the City of Norwalk on October 27, 2016.

The budget separately provides estimates for Norwalk Transit District Fixed Route, ADA paratransit, other transportation services and the general fund. The general fund is used to offset certain expenses of the District and is applied to the budget shortfall.

Click HERE for fiscal year 2017 budget.