*NEW* All Day Service to Wilton Center

Norwalk Transit rolled out big changes for local Norwalk buses and commuter shuttles in the New Year. One of which is the re-introduction of an all-day service to Wilton Center.

As of January 30, 2017, the WHEELS 4 route has been extended to Wilton Center. The bus operates Monday through Friday. Wilton Center will be served every hour from about 7:00am to 7:00pm. iPark will be served on inbound trips.

Want to know where your bus is in real-time? Passengers with iOS or Android phones can locate their bus in real-time by downloading the mobile app MYSTOP™ or anyone can visit www.mystop.norwalktransit.com. Sign up for service updates, customize bus alerts to your favorite routes and know exactly where your bus is.

For schedules and route information visit www.norwalktransit.com. For general inquiries call (203) 852-0000 or email info@norwalktransit.com. At Norwalk Transit, we are happy to serve you.