April 17, 2014 Meeting

4-17-14 | Agenda and Minutes


1. GPS/AVL System
2. Law Suit/Discovery
3. Westport Service Study and School Service
4. Union Staff Representative
5. Driver trainees
6. Flash lights
7. Other business
8. Adjournment

MEETING | Minutes

Attending: Andrew Glickson, Sheldon Miller, Louis Schulman

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 A.M.

Mr. Schulman reported that Avail Technologies has met all of the District’s requirements and the District has signed a contract with them. The firm will conduct its “discovery” interviews during the second week in May.

Mr. Schulman provided an update on the one outstanding law suit.

Mr. Schulman provided an update on the Westport service study being conducted under the auspices of SWRPA.

Mr. Schulman said that the Union staff representative, Donna Johnson, was retiring. It may be some time until a regular replacement is assigned.

Mr. Schulman indicated that two of the three driver trainees have been hired and placed on the road. The third trainee is expected to be hired next week.

Mr. Schulman showed the Commissioners the flashlights that will be used as give aways at public events.

Mr. Schulman reported that the District current diesel fuel contract expires at the end of the month. Next Wednesday Rick Bangs will be in Hartford for a new fuel bid opening.

Mr. Schulman said that he expects the final pricing on the two forty foot New Flyers the District is ordering, by the end of the week. Shortly after that, the District will sign an order for the buses.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:40 A.M.