December 16, 2014 Meeting

12-16-14 | Agenda and Minutes


1. Audit Report
2. GPS/AVL system, Pilot dry run
3. Law Suit
4. Kimberlee Morton start date
5. Other business
6. Adjournment

MEETING | Minutes

Attending: Andrew Glickson, Sheldon Miller, Louis Schulman, Nancy Carroll, Richard Bangs, David Cappelletti

David Cappelletti, CPA gave a presentation of the annual audit report. The District finished the year ended June 30, 2014 in the black.

Mr. Schulman, Ms. Carroll and Mr. Bangs gave an update on the pilot dry run. They also discussed outstanding issues with the GPS/AVL system.

Mr. Schulman provided an update on the outstanding law suit.

Mr. Schulman reminded the Commissioners that Kim Morton begins work on Monday, January 5th 2015. Mr. Schulman said that, if necessary for an emergency, he is available through January 2nd.

Mr. Schulman told the Commissioners that the two new, New Flyer buses are on the property.

Mr. Schulman indicated that a bus driver, who was not on duty, was hit by a car at the Hub yesterday afternoon. 

The meeting was adjourned at 11:10 A.M.