February 20, 2014 Meeting

2-20-14 | Agenda and Minutes


1. GPS/AVL system
2. GPS/AVL staff
3. Body-on-chassis vehicles
4. Law suits
5. Snow storms
6. Union contract
7. Staffing issues
8. Financial issues/fuel
9. Other business
10. Adjournment

MEETING | Minutes

Attending: Andrew Glickson, Sheldon Miller, Louis Schulman

The meeting was called to order at 9:35 A.M.

Mr. Schulman provided an update on the GPS/AVL system. He indicated that the District has adjusted the number of vehicles down because there was some double counting in the original RFP. He said that, that should reduce the cost that Avail is working on.

Mr. Schulman indicated that he is not satisfied with the six resumes he has received for the ITS Specialist position. He is reviewing other options for provision of the needed services.

Mr. Schulman said that all 10 of the new body on chassis vehicles are now in services.

Mr. Schulman gave on update on the two outstanding lawsuits.

Mr. Schulman reviewed the last few snow storms with the Commissioners. He said that the staff performed very well during the storms.

Mr. Schulman reported that the arbitration on unionized employee wages was rescheduled for March 13 at the District’s office.

Mr. Schulman discussed, with the Commissioners, several personnel issues that are ongoing.

Mr. Schulman reported that the District has switched back to number 1 diesel as a result of engine and exhaust system problems that were being caused by the use of number 2 diesel. The additional cost for this fiscal year is expected to be about $60,000. Mr. Schulman outlined how the District expected to make up for the added cost.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:15 A.M.