May 22, 2014 Meeting

5-22-14 | Agenda and Minutes


1. GPS/AVL System
2. Law Suit
3. State budget
4. Trainee hiring
5. Staff changes (finance and maintenance)
6. Emergency training Texas A & M
7. Replacement of 12 30' buses
8. Other business
9. Adjournment


MEETING | Minutes

Attending: Andrew Glickson, Sheldon Miller, Louis Schulman

The meeting was called to order at 9:30 A.M.

Mr. Schulman said that Avail Technologies has completed its “Discovery” process. Two Avail staff members have spent almost two weeks inspecting all of the rolling stock to determine how equipment will be installed in each vehicle. There will be a three day meeting the first week in June, with Avail, us, and TranSystems to go over the 1,100 requirements contained in the contract.

Mr. Schulman gave a progress report on the outstanding lawsuit.

The Commissioners approved a State budget request of approximately $11,026,000.

Mr. Schulman reported that a new class of trainees will be starting the first week in June.

Mr. Schulman indicated that Jim Pezzullo is retiring effective the end of next week after over 19 years in the finance department. In addition, Mr. Schulman said that a long term employee's FMLA leave has expired. Mr. Schulman is keeping the employee on until such time as more information regarding the employee's helath is available.

Mr. Schulman indicated that Mr. Cooney is at Texas A & M University, with a large group of Norwalk Emergency personnel learning about emergency procedures.

Mr. Schulman said that the District has received permission and funding to replace 12, 30' shuttle vehicles. The District will purchase off the State’s contract with Gillig. The Commissioners approved the purchase.

Mr. Schulman said that he and Ms. Carroll are going to Cambridge next week to meet with FTA officials to discuss the Westport after School shuttles.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:10 A.M.