August 26, 2015 Meeting

8-26-15 | Agenda and Minutes


  1. Public Comment
  2. Approval of Minutes of July 16, 2015
  3. Financial/Budget Related Items
  4. Ridership Related Items
  5. CTDOT Correspondence Update
  6. New Buses
  7. HR Update
  8. Fuel Bid
  9. Insurance Update
  10. FY'2015 Grant Application
  11. CEO Report
  12. Next Scheduled Meeting (September 24, 2015)
  13. Other Business
  14. Adjournment


Norwalk Transit District Commissioners: Andrew Glickson and Sheldon Miller
Norwalk Transit District:  Kimberlee Morton, CEO, Nancy Carroll, Chief Operating Officer, Richard Bangs, Director of Finance and Administration and Tia Gordon, Manager of Human Resources

The meeting was called to order at 9:02 AM and a quorum was determined to be present.  

Public Comment
Members of the public who wished to address the Commissioners were asked to do so.  There were none.   

Approval of Minutes of July 16, 2015
The minutes of the July 16, 2015 meeting of the Commissioners were unanimously approved. 

Financial/Budget Related Items
June 2015 Year-End
Mr. Bangs reported he was preparing the books for closing.  

July 2016 Financial Statements
Mr. Bangs presented a draft of the redesign of future financial reports.  Ms. Morton indicated that we will look to present the financials in the new design at the next meeting.  Ms. Morton indicated that monthly submittals to DOT will no longer be in estimate format but will be representative of actual monthly data.  

Audit Schedule
Mr. Bangs reported he was preparing for the auditors who would be here on September 9, 2015.  He indicated that other than the possible delay in receipt of the revised TOD which will include CTDOT’s remedy to NTD’s previous correspondence, audit preparation would be timely.  

Ridership Related Items
Ms. Carroll reported the attached ridership data in the new design.  She indicated that Wheels core ridership is down while evening and weekend service is up significantly.  Overall Wheels ridership is down by less than 1%.  Commuter Shuttle Services continues to decline.  Ms. Morton noted that the COA study was timely and most certainly a much needed outreach campaign would be beneficial.  These items will be addressed in the short term.  Door-to-Door Services continue to increase.   

CTDOT Correspondence Update
Ms. Morton reported that we received a response from the State regarding our previous correspondence.  We now wait for adjusted TOD’s and a year-end final projection of fiscal standing will be presented at our next meeting. 

New Buses
Ms. Morton advised that Mr. Alvord has started his new position with the District.  She added that he has jumped right in and is in San Francisco along with Mr. Sulaj on the Gillig production line.  This is a tremendous opportunity to introduce Mr. Alvord to the bus business and to get a first-hand opportunity on how our vehicles are manufactured.  Ms. Carroll added that the production is moving along smoothly and we will accept partial delivery of buses as soon as possible from the manufacturer. 

HR Update
Ms. Morton reported that Mr. Alvord is onboard and prior to leaving for the Gillig plant he spent several productive days in the office tackling everything from paving to inventory control.  He has met with all of his departmental employees across all shifts and is preparing an action plan based on his findings.  These will be presented to the Commissioners at later meeting. 

Ms. Gordon reported on the following positions.

  • Promotion of two internal employees to Transportation Dispatcher
  • Hired one external Dispatcher
  • Hired one full-time Paratransit Specialist

In addition Ms. Gordon reported she was working on updating policies and procedures, auditing various HR practices and employee files, and restructuring workplace safety.  Also she reported we are working on final contract provisions with ADP for various HR applications that will be implemented. 

Fuel Bid
Ms. Morton presented that the State has requested repricing under the current procurement.  Bids will be open on Wednesday.  Unless the price is significantly less than the current cost she recommends daily monitoring and then request repricing as it appears the cost of diesel is not reflective of the cost per barrel of oil as a result of several production plant issues in other parts of the country.  Under the current contract she reported that we can request repricing with 48 hours notice on our own.   

Insurance Update
Ms. Morton reported that we have secured health insurance coverage and related insurance benefit coverage through December 31, 2015.  We have begun preparation of an RFP for brokerage services which will be in place in sufficient time for the new benefit period beginning January 1, 2016.  We have agreed to pay USI $4,000 per month through the remaining period for services rendered which resulted in a 4 month – 1/1/16 renewal equal to a 3.5% increase. 

We have yet to execute a formal USI contract but are working on some final language revisions.    

All other insurances including liability and WC have been renewed with a July 1st effective date.  We have also added Sexual Abuse/Molestation liability coverage as discussed at our last meeting and continue to wait on brokerage recommendations on the Cyber Coverage.

FY 2015 Grant Application
Ms. Morton reported that the grant application is currently under development by Mr. Bangs.  The program of projects is as follows: 









Replace (19) 35 foot and (1) 40 foot 2003 buses




Purchase (3) 30 foot expansion buses




Purchase (10) Paratransit vehicles and three for expansion. 




Seven(7) replacements for 2010 vehicles




Three (3)expansion vehicles




Sub Total





Facility Improvements State of Good Repair




Admin Capital/Misc Support




One replacement for 2005 supervisory vehicle




One supervisory vehicle for expansion




Replacement of maintenance, office, support systems andequipment inclusive of hardware and software




Ongoing purchase and implementation of ITS technologies to support the remainder of Phase I and the initial Phase II requirements including project administrative oversight




Rehab/upgrade of 2001 service truck




Purchase and install video surveillance equipment in vehicles procured without this technology inclusive of spares




Purchase hardware and software for monitoring equipment for video surveillance




Sub Total









A separate grant application will be made for the $750,000 that was formally approved to be transferred from FHWA to FTA to support the COA and Facility Analysis Studies. 

CEO Report
Ms. Morton reported that she, Ms. Carroll, and representatives for the City of Norwalk Redevelopment Authority met with Congressman Hines on August 24th in his Bridgeport Office.  The meeting served several purposes including an opportunity to discuss Norwalk Transit District funding issues including the importance of reauthorization and overview of the TIGER application.  

Ms. Morton reported she would be attending the APTA Annual Conference in October.  

Ms. Morton reported she was asked to participate in small venue meeting with Commissioner Redeker to discuss his future vision of transit.  

Ms. Morton reported that she had reached out to the State for inclusion of a trolley bus design option in the event that the TIGER grant application is approved.  The State has concurred and will issue an addendum.  

Next Scheduled Meeting
The next meeting is scheduled for September 24, 2015 (Thursday), at 9:00 am.  

Other Business
No other business was noted. 

The meeting adjourned at 10:15 am.