October 26, 2017 Norwalk Transit District Commissioner's Meeting Minutes



Norwalk Transit District Commissioners’ Meeting Minutes


October 26, 2017 at 9:00 AM – Norwalk Transit District



Norwalk Transit District Commissioners:

Andrew Glickson

Alice McQuaid


Norwalk Transit District Staff: 

Kimberlee Morton, CEO

Britt Liotta, Chief Operating Officer

Lynette Brayboy, Manager of Human Resources

Grace Zweig, CFAO


The meeting was called to order at 2:04 PM and a quorum was determined to be present. 


Members of the public who wished to address the Commissioners were asked to do so.  There were none. 

Approval of Minutes of SEPTEMBER 28, 2017

The minutes of the September 28, 2017 Special Meeting of the Commissioners were unanimously approved as presented. 

Introduction of Richard Meyer, Director of Maintenance and Facilities

Ms. Morton introduced the new Director of Maintenance and Facilities.  Mr. Meyer provided a brief background of his work history.  He reported he was eager to get started and was excited about being part of the NTD team. 



Ms. Zweig reported the following:

FY Audit Presentation – Seward and Monde

Tom Partalas, Partner and lead auditor on the NTD FY 2017 audit addressed the Commissioners with the final audit report.  There were not audit findings and Mr. Partalas made note of the positive progress the District has made.  The District’s net financial unrestricted position at year end, June 30, 2017, decreased by $128,338 from ($3,144,021) to ($3,015,683).  Ms. Morton added that this is significant and is indicative that our system changes during the past year have corrected the matter of current deficit spending.  Ms. Morton added there is a long road ahead as the rolling deficit remains in excess of 3 million. 

FY18 September 2017 Results

Fixed Route surplus $45K including Coastal Link deficit $73K. Coastal Link (CL) full funding, surplus $118K.

Stamford ADA $93K deficit. Full funding expected from the State.

Wilton TTT deficit $5K. Additional Funding to cover deficit anticipated from Town of Wilton.

Cash Flow

No cash flow issues.

Outstanding State Items

Requested Stamford ADA Transit Operating Document (TOD) adjustment.

Asked for immediate release of FY16 retainage.

Requested FY16 and FY17 CL and Stamford ADA Deficits released as soon as possible.

Formal letter advising Fixed Route Balance Transfer and ADA Consolidation final consideration from the State.

Outstanding State Items as of October 26, 2017


Norwalk Fixed Route

Coastal Link

Stamford ADA

Norwalk ADA

Westport/ Norwalk FR Balance Transfer

Coastal Link/ Norwalk ADA Consoli-dation


FY 18 Deficit








FY 18 U-Pass








FY17 Deficit








FY16 Deficit








FY16 – June Retainage

































Pension Update

·         ICMA

Remaining $230K 457 ICMA Funds transferred to Empower.

·         LAR

Settled outstanding invoices with LAR.

Counsel advised “hazards of litigation” outweigh potential recovery of a lawsuit.



September Ridership Report

Mr. Liotta gave the ridership report for September 2017.  He stated that ridership has shown some improvement from months past, as it was down only 6% from this time last year.  Also encouraging was the ridership averaging over 6,000 per day.  Looking at the Trips per revenue hour report, NTD is showing strong numbers on our core routes. 


Ms. Morton commented that we are still waiting to hear back from the state in regards to reimbursement for the U Pass acceptance into the NTD system.  Ms. Morton commented that the ridership with U Pass was 10,000 for the month of September, which was verified by Mr. Liotta


Pink Pledge Bus

Mr. Liotta commented that the Pink Pledge bus wrap is done and on the road.  It is $1,000 revenue for the District for one month.  Ms. Morton asked what the full amount NTD have received for wrapping is now, and Mr. Liotta commented that NTD has received $16,000 to date.  Ms. Morton suggested that we will continue to research our options regarding bus advertisement as added revenue. 


Reorganization Update

Mr. Liotta commented that the two internal positions have been filled, the Superintendent of Operations and the Lead ADA Specialist.  Ms. Morton commented that the District is very excited to move forward, as the two selected are very good fits for the positions.



Ms. Morton made the introduction of the project and that gasoline is required for the new vans because diesel vans aren’t being produced.   Thirteen of the new gasoline fueled vans will be arriving in the beginning of January.  The remainder will be here in March 2018.  Mr. Meyer gave a brief overview of the project to install the tank next to the current diesel tanks.  The other option besides a temporary gasoline tank is to install the permanent gasoline tank, which would not be disturbed with future construction activities.  The permanent tank install would be completed in May 2018.  To bridge the time gap for filling the vans with gasoline, having on site fueling or gas cards for fueling at a filling station.  Ms. Morton commented that we are still waiting to hear back from the City in regards to the permits required for the temporary gasoline tank installation.




In Ms. Richards absence Ms. Morton reported the following project status report. 





Project Status


Ticket Vending Machine Procurement







Ø  Proposals received October 25, 2017; pending evaluation.


Tire Leasing Program RFP




Estimated $196,951/5yr.



Ø  Awarded to Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLC.


Procurement of 30’, 35’, and 40’ Buses







Ø  RFP in final development.



Procurement of 35 Paratransit Vehicles








Ø  First order of 10 vehicles placed on 8/8/17.  Additional 3 expansion vehicles ordered on 9/26/17.  ETA is end of year 2017.



Procurement of Bus Inspection Services for 35 buses







Ø  Awarded to First Transit.


Metro Taxi – New Freedom Funds

Purchase 6 wheelchair equipped minivans.







Ø  Pending direction from CTDOT.


Temporary Gasoline Fuel Tanks

(for paratransit vehicles ordered)








Ø  Investigating local, state, and federal requirements.






Informational Sessions and Public Hearing Dates

Ms. Morton offered a reminder of the upcoming informational sessions and public hearing schedule. 



Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Norwalk Transit District, Conference Room

275 Wilson Ave, Norwalk, CT

6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Wednesday, October 30, 2017

Norwalk City Hall, Community Room

125 East Ave, Norwalk, CT

12:00 pm to 2:00 pm

Norwalk Transit will receive formal public comment on service reductions and enhancements, route eliminations, fixed route and ADA/Door-to-Door fare increase.



Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Norwalk City Hall, Community Room

125 East Ave, Norwalk, CT

6:00 pm

ADA eligible transportation.

Wheelchair access. WHEELS 8 and 11

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Norwalk Transit District, Conference Room

275 Wilson Ave, Norwalk, CT

12:00 pm

ADA eligible transportation.

Wheelchair access. WHEELS 10.


NTD Reporting

Ms. Morton reported the annual report was completed and ready for submittal prior to the deadline.  She extended her gratitude to Mr. Liotta for his leadership role in this initiative and also to Ms. Zweig who was instrumental in the financial reporting component. 


HR Update

Ms. Brayboy reported the following activity during the previous month.


Ø  Manager of Planning and Marketing

Ø  Mechanic B

Ø  Helper


Ø  Director of Maintenance and Facilities – started Oct. 11th

Ø  Five ADA Driver Trainees – class starts October 30th


Ø  Two Part-time ADA Drivers


Ø  None



Ø  Part-time ADA/Scheduler to Full-time ADA Specialist

Ø  Superintendent of Operations – former Paratransit Manager

Ø  Lead ADA Specialist – former ADA Dispatcher



Ø  Chief Logistics Officer


CEO Update

Shuttle Petition

Ms. Morton reported that Union representatives from New Britain and local leadership would meet with the District on November 2, 2017 to finalize their position on the matter. 

Shuttle/Circulator Concepts and Meeting

Ms. Morton noted that this was still a project in motion.  Currently she was working with interior specialist that would be interested in the project to determine the best option for interior design and to determine the overall cost to determine financial feasibility.    

Drivers Room

Ms. Morton executed the lease and was meeting with the owner to determine final fit up for the space.  Ms. Morton also notified the City of Norwalk regarding the termination of their bathroom use lease. 

W/C Claim

W/C Claim

Ms. Morton noted that the offer was made as authorized at the last meeting.  We are currently in a holding pattern as the offer is analyzed.


No other business was noted.

2018 Commissioner Meeing Dates

The schedule of meetings for calendar year 2018 was unanimously approved as presented


Any Other Business Properly Brought before the Board

No further business was brought before the Board.


Next Meeting November 16, 2017 at 9:00 AM

The next regularly scheduled meeting is November 16, 2017 at 9:00 AM.


The meeting adjourned at 3:15 PM. 


Respectfully submitted,


Kimberlee A. Morton


Kimberlee A Morton, CEO

Norwalk Transit District