September 28, 2017 Norwalk Transit District Commissioner's Special Meetin Minutes

Norwalk Transit District Commissioners’ Meeting Minutes

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September 28, 2017 at 9:00 AM – Norwalk Transit District



Norwalk Transit District Commissioners:

Andrew Glickson

Alice McQuaid


Norwalk Transit District Staff: 

Kimberlee Morton, CEO

Britt Liotta, Chief Operating Officer

Lynette Brayboy, Manager of Human Resources

Grace Zweig, CFAO

Lori Richards, Manager of Procurement and Grants Administration


The meeting was called to order at 9:04 AM and a quorum was determined to be present. 


Members of the public who wished to address the Commissioners were asked to do so.  There were none. 

Approval of Minutes of August 24, 2017

The minutes of the August 24, 2017 Special Meeting of the Commissioners were unanimously approved as presented. 


Ms. Zweig reported the following:

FY18 August 2017 Results

Updating the existing methodology for the current funding year.

FY 2017 Audit Results

o   Audit reports are in Seward & Monde’s quality review process.

o   Report will be issued soon.

o   Auditors scheduled to make FY17 audit presentation at next month’s commissioner’s meeting.


Cash Flow

o   No cash flow issues.

Municipal Grant Program

o   Received 2018 Transit Operating Document (TOD) for the Norwalk and Westport Municipal Grant.

o   Reward amounts have been carried over from the previous year.

o   TOD is one third of the allocation for the year, $33,342.

o   TOD for remaining two-thirds of the year will be processed when state budget approved.

Medical Plan Savings

o   Union accepted changes to the CT Partnership Plan effective 10/1/17.

o   Estimated savings of $10,200 in fiscal year 2018 for Norwalk Transit.

o   Rate changes:

                                    7/1/17 - 9/30/17         10/1/17 - 6/30/18         Rate decrease

Individual                                       $    853.91                   $    783.35                              $   70.56


Individual + 1                                  $ 1,835.50                  $ 1,680.25                               $ 155.25


Family                                                 $ 2,244.48                  $ 2,053.97                             $ 190.51



August Ridership Report

Mr. Liotta gave the ridership report for August 2017.  Mr. Liotta stated that ridership is showing to be down 10% from previous year at this time, but that it was at this time last year that ridership started a dramatic drop.  He stated it did level off in December, and has been consistent since.  Looking at the Trips per revenue hour report, we are still showing some strong numbers on half of our routes.  He commented that the Wheels 9 is the only 20 minute headway service not reaching its performance metrics, and that is one being looked at for some possible reduction of service.  Commissioner Glickson stated that having two separate run schedules may be a challenge for our riders, but Ms. Morton reported that we have already gotten away from the traditional pulse now, and it has not caused any general problems, so we should be able to implement it if warranted for change.  Mr. Liotta commented that before any changes are made this round, we will look at some in depth numbers for comparisons at peak versus non peak times.


U Pass Report

Mr. Liotta distributed the newly created U Pass report, which shows ridership detailed by route for the new U Pass program.  The U Pass is a university dispensed pass for participating state colleges that will allow students to ride for free with this pass.  Mr. Liotta stated that there were 1500 trips in August with only one week of school, and that September is estimated to come in at 10,000 trips.  Commissioner Glickson asked how we would be compensated for these fares, which Ms. Morton stated we are reaching out to the State in hopes of compensation.



Ms. Morton reported that we are down to our final two candidates for the filling of the Director of Maintenance and Facilities position.  Our target date remains the end of October if not sooner.  Ms. Morton invited the Commissioners to visit the Maintenance Department and see the recent changes including the cleanup initiative and floor markings for safety to name a few. 

Status of Facilities Grant

Ms. Morton reported that the FTA FFY 2017 Competitive Funding Opportunity Grant was filed timely and with support of the CTDOT who will provide the 20% local match.  No questions or request for clarifications have been received as of this date. 



Ms. Richards reported proposals due October 25, 2017.


Ticket Vending Machine

RFP was released July, 2017.  Questions and approved equals were due Monday, August 21, 2017.  NTD received questions from one vendor, Genfare, which are under review.


Tire Leasing Program

Ms. Richards reported IFB released September 8th and bids due October 4, 2017.

Procurement of 30’, 35’, and 40’ Buses

Ms. Richards reported RFP is under development.

Paratransit Vehicles (35)

Ms. Richards reported ETA of first order of 13 vehicles is end of the year, 2017.

Buy America Bus Inspection Services RFQ

Ms. Richards reported a single quote was received by First Transit, which was reviewed and determined adequate for award.  Ms. Richards presented an award recommendation to the Commissioners.  Ms. Richards requested formal approval to award bus line inspection services to First Transit. Commissioners’ Glickson and McQuaid formally approved the recommendation to award bus line inspection services to First Transit in the amount of $27,355 + $7,095 for intermediate audit costs (if necessary).

Metro Taxi – New Freedom Funds

Ms. Richards reported that NTD was asked to facilitate a procurement for ADA Accessible vehicles on behalf of Metro Taxi utilizing New Freedoms Funds.  The project is on hold pending clarification from CTDOT and parties involved.

Temporary Gasoline Fuel Tank

Ms. Richards reported the need for a temporary gasoline fuel tank for the new paratransit vehicles on order.  Ms. Richards is currently investigating local, state, and federal requirements.  Alternative solutions may include fleet gas cards for local fueling.



Informational Sessions and Public Hearing Dates

Ms. Morton provided copies of the notices that will be distributed during the course of the upcoming month to facilitate comment on proposed service and fare changes.  The notice will additionally be posted in the the Hour newspaper and on our website.  The informational sessions and public hearings are scheduled as follows. 



Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Norwalk Transit District, Conference Room

275 Wilson Ave, Norwalk, CT

6:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Wednesday, October 30, 2017

Norwalk City Hall, Community Room

125 East Ave, Norwalk, CT

12:00 pm to 2:00 pm

Norwalk Transit will receive formal public comment on service reductions and enhancements, route eliminations, fixed route and ADA/Door-to-Door fare increase.



Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Norwalk City Hall, Community Room

125 East Ave, Norwalk, CT

6:00 pm

ADA eligible transportation.

Wheelchair access. WHEELS 8 and 11


Thursday, November 9, 2017

Norwalk Transit District, Conference Room

275 Wilson Ave, Norwalk, CT

12:00 pm

ADA eligible transportation.

Wheelchair access. WHEELS 10.


NTD Reporting

Ms. Morton reported the annual report is due at the end of October.  Ms. Zweig and Mr. Liotta will work collaboratively on this initiative.  This year is a sampling year and Ms. Scavelli arranged for the sampling of data to be performed during the course of the year prior to her leave. 

HR Update

Ms. Brayboy reported the following activity during the previous month.


Ø  Director of Maintenance and Facilities – we have two finalists and will be making a decision soon

Ø  Manager of Planning and Marketing

Ø  Part-time ADA Drivers – class will start at the end of October


Ø  No New Hires


Ø  Part-time ADA Driver


Ø  None


Updated Organizational Chart and Changes

Ms. Morton presented an updated organizational chart that promoted an undivided operations department.  This initiative will be attempted with in-house personnel and is estimated to cost less than $15,000.00 annually.  It also brings equalization to all existing classifications and will require some staff to be red circled until an equitable catchup can be realized.  Ms. Morton requested that the Commissioners formally adopt the revised organizational structure and plan.  The vote in support was unanimous.  


Other Business

We will be holding our third Annual Health & Financial Wellness Harvest Festival on Thursday, October 5th from 12:30-5:00 p.m.


CEO Update

Shuttle Petition

Ms. Morton was informed by a transit supervisor that the Union was circulating a petition regarding the utilization of a 30 foot vehicle in fixed-route service.  At present 30 foot vehicles are traditionally used in shuttle service only but have in the past been utilized on designated fixed-routes.  Ms. Morton advised the Commissioners that the union contract has a rate for shuttle drivers and is silent regarding the size of the vehicle.  Ms. Morton immediately telephoned the Union Representative who had no idea about the petition.  She further called the local union representative and requested a meeting to discuss their position on the matter.  A telephone meeting will convene in the near future.  The petition was never presented to Management. 

Shuttle/Circulator Concepts and Meeting

Ms. Morton met with representatives of IronWorks, Waypointe, Norwalk Redevelopment Agency, SONO Collection and Mayor Rilling to discuss the concept of the Circulator.  The meeting concluded with two distinct needs.  The District was tasked with bringing options back to the table at the next meeting in October.  Ms. Morton shared several ideas with the Commissioners and provided them handouts of options that were currently being costed out with the assistance of a bus manufacturer. 

Coastal Link ADA Funding

Ms. Morton advised that the current amount of funds allocated for the Westport ADA Service which is designated for Coastal Link ADA trips within the Westport corridor is currently insufficient to service the public need.  An analysis is underway and the matter will be brought before the State and Westport Commissioners. 


Drivers Room- Ms. Morton noted that our legal counsel and appraiser were able to negotiate a reduction of the final lease terms for a savings of $32,000 over the course of the five year base term.  Our lawyer will prepare a lease agreement for execution. 

Criminal investigation #2 – The investigation was closed and retribution made. 


A motion to recess the Public Meeting and move into Executive Session for the purpose of discussion of a legal Workers Compensation matter. 

The motion passed at 10:15 am.

Present during the Executive Session were Norwalk Transit District Commissioners McQuaid and Glickson.  Also present were Norwalk Transit District staff Morton, Liotta, Zweig and Cooney.

The Public Meeting resumed at 10:28 am. 


Any Other Business Properly Brought before the Board

No further business was brought before the Board.


Next Meeting October 26, 2017 at 2:00 PM

The next regularly scheduled meeting is October 26, 2017 at 2:00 PM.


The meeting adjourned at 10:30 AM. 


Respectfully submitted,


Kimberlee A. Morton


Kimberlee A Morton, CEO

Norwalk Transit District