May 24th, 2018 Norwalk Transit District Commissioner's Agenda

Norwalk Transit District Commissioners' Meeting


Thursday, May 24, 2018 at 2:00 PM


At the offices of the Norwalk Transit District

275 Wilson Avenue, Norwalk




Ø  Public Comment

Ø  Approval of minutes of April 26, 2018

Ø  Finance Report

ü  April 2018 Financial Report

ü  Draft FY 2019 Budget

ü  Outstanding CTDOT

Ø  Maintenance and Facilities

ü  Parts Room

ü  Service Truck

Ø  Operations Report

ü  Ridership

ü  Approval of Route Changes


Ø  Procurement Update

ü  On-going Architectural and Engineering Services RFQ Release

ü  Bus Procurement Update

Ø  Planning and Marketing Initiatives


ü  Exterior/Interior Advertising Program & Pricing

ü  Branding Opportunities

ü  Strategic Partnerships

Ø  HR Update

ü  Non-Bargaining Unit Personnel Manual Update Regarding Working Holidays

ü  Employment

ü  Health Insurance Premium Changes

Ø  CEO Update

ü  MicroTransit

ü  AccuComp USA

ü  Engagement of PKF O’Connor Davies, LLP

ü  Norwalk Board of Education

ü  Miscellaneous

Ø  Any Other Business Properly Brought Before the Board

Ø  Next Meeting June 28, 2018 at 9:00 AM

Ø  Adjournment