June 4, 2018 Norwalk Transit District Commisioner's Special Meeting

Norwalk Transit District Commissioners’ Special Meeting Minutes



June 4, 2018 at 2:00 PM – Norwalk Transit District

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Norwalk Transit District Commissioners:

Andrew Glickson

Alice McQuaid


Norwalk Transit District Staff: 

Kimberlee Morton, CEO

Britt Liotta, Chief Operating Officer


The meeting was called to order at 2:05 PM and a quorum was determined to be present. 


Members of the public who wished to address the Commissioners were asked to do so.  There were none.   

Approval of Minutes of MAY 24, 2018

The minutes of the May 24, 2018 Special Meeting of the Commissioners were unanimously approved as presented. 


Draft FY 2019 Budget

Mr. Pentz presented the FY 19 Budget Draft for State Subsidized Services.  He highlighted the projected FY 2018 against the proposed FY 2019 draft budget.  Fare and other revenue are projected up 3.2% driven by $26,000 in Microtransit fares and an anticipated 25% improvement in advertising revenue tied to marketing initiatives.  Regarding expenses Mr. Pentz indicated salaries are projected up 4.9% overall; driven by 2.5% wage increase and 5 open positions expected to be filled.  Fringe benefits are up 5%; driven by 8% increase in medical and 6.5% increase in Dental insurance costs, fuel anticipated to increase with the uptick in current market rates.  A savings in Workers Compensation is projected due to an improved experience rating and overall expenses are expected to be up $532,415 or 3.7% versus the prior year.  NTD is submitting an additional $840,000 over the current FY 2018 state subsidy level. This is due to the increase in expenses, in addition to the fact that NTD cannot continue to use local funds for state obligated ADA service deficits, which currently require a disproportionate share of local funding.

The Commissioners unanimously approved the draft budget and directed Mr. Pentz to move to the public hearing compliance part of the budgeting process. 




Approval of Route Changes and Enhancements

Mr. Liotta presented the attached Recommended Route Changes for consideration by the Commissioners.  The changes were discussed in detail.  The Commissioners’ unanimously approved the changes to take effective as soon as possible. 


Any Other Business Properly Brought before the Board

No further business was brought before the Commissioners.


Next Meeting June 28, 2018 at 9:00 AM Was Cancelled

The next regularly scheduled meeting for June 28, 2018 was cancelled. 

Next Meeting July 26, 2018 at 2:00 PM Was Cancelled

The next regularly scheduled meeting of July 26, 2018 is cancelled.  And the next regularly scheduled meeting is August 23, 2018 at 2:00 PM. 


The meeting adjourned at 2:25 PM. 




Respectfully submitted,



Kimberlee A. Morton



Kimberlee A Morton, CEO

Norwalk Transit District