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Westport Commuter Shuttles

S Shuttles

S1, S2, S3 and S4 Shutttles operate to and from the Saugatuck Metro-North station in Westport, CT. Passengers may board or depart at any safe location along the route.

Imperial Ave Shuttle

The Imperial Avenue Shuttle operates between the Saugatuck Metro-North station and the Imperial Avenue Commuter Lot. 

G Shuttles

G1 and G2 Shuttles operate passengers to and from the Greens Farms Metro-North station in Westport, CT.  Passengers may board or depart at any safe location along the route. 

Real-Time Bus Information

Track your bus in real-time and customize rider alerts at mySTOP. Learn More >> 

Coastal Link

The Coastal Link offers routes to Norwalk and Milford from Downtown Westport Monday through Friday. 


See FARES for more information on fares, passes and where to purchase tickets. 

Purchase a discounted Bus-and-Rail Weekly or Monthly Pass through Metro-North. UniTickets are accepted on commuter shuttles in Norwalk, Westport and Greenwich. 

Westport Transit District

Westport Commuter Shuttles are provided by Norwalk Transit in partnership with the Westport Transit District. Meetings of the Westport Directors are open to the public.  

Guaranteed Ride Home

CTrides offers a guaranteed ride home to Metro-North commuters. Learn More >>