April 8, 2014 Meeting

4-8-14 | Agenda and Minutes


1. Review of Minutes of January 21, 2014 Meeting
2. Public Comment
3. Westport Bus (Draft Existing Conditions) and Rail Study Updates
4. After-School Shuttles
5. FY'15 Budget Update
6. Ridership
7. Service Update re: S-1 Route
8. Other Business
MEETING | Minutes


Attendance:    Jennifer Johnson, Eugene Cedarbaum, Sal Liccione, James Ross, State Representative Jonathan Steinberg, Cathy Talmadge, Peter Gold, Louis Schulman, Patrick Cooney

The meeting was called to order at 8:45 A.M.

Jennifer Johnson indicated that the budget process is moving forward and that currently everything looks good for the District’s budget as presented.  

Jennifer Johnson suggested that three committees, composed of other town department personnel, the Board of Education or PTO representatives, and concerned citizens, should address the three services operated by the District. These include school services, daytime services and services for the elderly and disabled. Mr. Schulman remarked that the issue of whether the District can continue school services after the end of this school year still needs to be discussed with the Federal Transit Administration. A lively discussion followed.

There was discussion of the upcoming meeting with the study consultants and the public, scheduled for tomorrow evening. A question was raised about what the next steps to be taken by the Directors would be. There was no resolution of this topic.

Mr. Schulman provided a ridership update. However, the data was not entirely clear. Better data will be provided at the next meeting.

Mr. Patrick Cooney began a discussion regarding a desired change in the S1 service. Everyone agreed that the change was positive. Mr. Schulman said that he would ask Ms. Carroll to review the recommendation before putting it into service.

Mr. Schulman said that the Norwalk Transit District now has a signed contract with Avail for the provision of a GPS/AVL system. Work on the system will begin in early May.

As a result of a 10 A.M. TTAG meeting in Darien, the meeting concluded at 9:35 A.M.