October 17, 2014 Meeting

10-17-14 | Agenda and Minutes


1. Review of Minutes of July 17, 2014 Meeting
2. Public Comment
3. WTD - Discussion of Transit Directors' roles (Proposed Resolution follows)
4. Mid-Day Service Route - preliminary discussion
5. Marketing
6. Transit Oriented Development - CTDOT Grant opportunity
7. RR Parking Fund - Request to BOF for transportation funds (Proposed Resolution follows)
8. Norwalk Transit District Report
9. Westport Bus and Rail Studies
10. Other Business

Agenda Item #3 - Proposed Resoltion


I. Clarification of Roles and Responsibilities of the Westport Transit District

BE IT RESOLVED THAT pursuant to the authority granted to it by Chapter 103a of the
General Statutes, the 1969 resolution of the Westport Representative Town Meeting establishing
the Westport Transit District and the 2007 Plan of Conservation and Development, the purposes
and objectives of the Westport Transit District are hereby clarified and restated as follows:
The responsibility and authority of the Westport Transit District shall include:

a. to coordinate and insure an adequate level of modern and efficient public
transportation services for residents and businesses in the Town of Westport.

b. to improve the mobility of all Westport residents and those working in Westport,
provide alternatives to privately owned automobile as the primary mode of
transportation, reduce pollution caused by exhaust emissions and conserve energy.

c. in conjunction with the Westport First Selectmen, Representative Town Meeting,
Citizens' Transit Committee and other affected constituencies to identify and provide
new opportunities for all inter-modal forms of public transportation and services to
residents and businesses in Westport.

d. in conjunction with the Town of Westport to identify and pursue opportunities for
federal and state grants and local funding to enhance all forms of inter-modal
transportation within the municipality.

e. in conjunction with the District operations vendor, to develop marketing initiatives to
assure that all residents and businesses in Westport are aware of and make optimal
use of available public transit services.

f. insure compliance with all federal, state and local laws and regulations.

Agenda Item #7 - Proposed Resoltion


II. Use of Railroad Parking Income

BE IT RESOLVED that pursuant to the ground lease between the Town of Westport and the
Connecticut Department of Transportation dated as of January 31, 2002 and the Internal Audit of
Railroad Parking dated January 4, 2012 that an appropriate portion of annual income generated
from collected railroad parking fees and related receipts be specifically allocated to provide
ongoing funding for inter-modal transportation improvements within the town. These funds
would be targeted to support all forms of physical improvements, marketing and operations
needed to maintain and improve commuter shuttle routes to and from the Saugatuck and Greens
Farms rail stations as well as enhance the safety and convenience of both pedestrians and
MEETING | Minutes

Westport Transit District Directors: Eugene Cederbaum and Jennifer Johnson; Dewey Loselle, Eileen Flug, Cathy Talmadge, Peter Gold, Richard Lowenstein, Sal Liccione, Philip Sharlach; Westport Now: James Lomuscio; and, Norwalk Transit District:  Nancy Carroll.

The meeting was called to order at 9:30 AM. The minutes of the previous meeting were not circulated so action was postponed until the next meeting.

Public Comment
Peter Gold, indicated that the RTM Transit Committee would be meeting on October 29, 2014 at 7:30 PM and the Westport Citizens’ Transit Committee (CTC) would be attending.

Discussion of Transit Directors’ Roles (Proposed Resolution)
Mr. Cederbaum reviewed the enabling legislation that led to the formation of the Transit District and their designation to seek funding.  Of note are the 2007 Plan of Conservation and Development which states the importance of public transit service and the need to expand these services.  The intent of the resolution (Attachment 1 - proposed) is to clarify the role of the Westport Transit District consistent with the statute, the 1969 Town resolution and the 2007 Plan.  The Directors are seeking the RTM endorsement of this resolution.  Discussion followed and some language modifications were recommended.  The resolution as finalized in Attachment 2 (labeled amended, as submitted) was moved by Ms. Johnson, seconded by Mr. Cederbaum and adopted.

Mid-Day Service Route – Preliminary Discussion
Discussion was led by Ms. Johnson.  She reported on the First Selectman’s Advisory Committee for After School Transportation.  Consideration of a “loop service” during the mid-day that would serve multiple destinations and users was discussed.  

Ms. Johnson requested the Norwalk Transit District to implement the marketing program from this point forward and suggested more presence on the web.

Transit Oriented Development – ConnDOT Grant Opportunity
Ms. Johnson led a discussion on transit oriented development and the availability of $5,000,000 in CT Department of Transportation planning funds for this purpose.  It was suggested that the Town pursue this funding with a focus on development around the train station.  November 14, 2014 was the submission deadline.  Mr. Loselle questioned the goals and their value as they would relate to the Town with regards to development.  The Directors agreed to list said goals and share them with the Town.

RR Parking Fund – Request to BOF for Transportation Funds (Proposed Resolution)
Mr. Cederbaum led a discussion on the proposed resolution (Attachment 3 - proposed) which would allow for the use of railroad parking income for transportation improvements and/or to support transit service.  Considerable discussion followed among those in attendance, specifically, the oversight by the Police Department, the role of the State, results of the 2012 audit, and whether this should be an administrative action rather than a resolution.   The resolution as finalized in Attachment 4 (labeled amended, as submitted) was moved by Ms. Johnson, seconded by Mr. Cederbaum and adopted.

Norwalk Transit District Report
Mrs. Carroll reported on the November 9th Metro North schedule change and the related update to the Commuter Route Schedules.  She also reported on the status of the ITS project.  She announced the retirement of Mr. Schulman as Administrator and the selection of his replacement.  Mr. Cederbaum acknowledged Mr. Schulman’s work with the Transit District and wished him well in retirement.

Westport Bus and Rail Studies
There was no discussion.

Other Business
There was no other business.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 AM.