December 11, 2015 Meeting

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12-11-15 | Agenda and Minutes


1. Public Comment
2. Extended Service hours Effective October 12, 2015
3. FY'17 Budget
4. NTD: Operations Update (ridership, budget and staffing)
5. Other Business

MEETING | Minutes

Westport Transit District Directors: Eugene Cederbaum; Westport First Selectman: Jim Marpe; Westport RTM: Peter Gold; and, Norwalk Transit District:  Nancy Carroll 

The meeting was called to order at 10:05 AM although only one Director was present.

Public Comment
Mr. Cederbaum noted that Jennifer Johnson would no longer serve as a Transit District Director but her detailed understanding of public transportation needs will be greatly appreciated in her new role on the RTM.

Mr. Marpe extended comments on behalf of the Town of Westport noting Ms. Johnson’s three plus years of service and how difficult it would be to replace the skillset that she represented.  Further, he thanked Mr. Cederbaum for his service to the Town in anticipation of his retirement as a Westport Transit District Director.

Mr. Cederbaum suggested that the next meeting the relationship between the Westport Transit District and the Norwalk Transit District be discussed as well as the relationship to the Department of Human Services.

Ridership – Extended Service Hours Effective October 12, 2015.
Mrs. Carroll provided ridership data to date. Marketing of services was discussed with emphasis on targeted emails.  Mr. Gold suggested repeated messages using multiple email lists (wait list; Parks and Rec, etc)

FY’17 Budget
The planning position was discussed and how such a position might be funded.

NTD: Operations Update
No updates.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 AM.