March 24, 2015 Meeting

3-24-15 | Agenda and Minutes


1. Approval of Minutes from January 21st and February 6th Meetings
2. Public Comment
3. Westport BOF March 17, 2015 vote to cut $37,714 from WTD FY 2016 Budget
4. Marketing Funds - clarification on impact on overall operating budget
5. Marketing FY 2015 - use of funds through June 2015
6. Marketing FY 2016

MEETING | Minutes

Westport Transit District Directors: Eugene Cederbaum and Jennifer Johnson; Town of Westport: Dewey Loselle; Westport RTM: Peter Gold; and, Norwalk Transit District:  Kimberlee Morton, Richard Bangs and Nancy Carroll.

The meeting was called to order at 9:30 AM. 

Approval of Minutes from January 21 and February 6, 2015 Meetings
The minutes of the January 21, 2015 and February 6, 2015 were accepted as presented by Mr. Cederbaum and Mrs. Johnson.

Public Comment
Mr. Gold indicated that the Westport Transit District budget would be presented to the RTM Transit Committee for restoration of the funds eliminated by the Board of Finance.

Discussion of Budget for Fiscal Year 2015/2016 and the BOF March 17, 2015 Vote to Cut $37,714
Norwalk Transit District staff presented an explanation of the relationship of State funding to the annual operating budget over the past 5 years, as well as the Town of Westport’s contribution.  

Mr. Cederbaum requested Mr. Loselle to speak to the First Selectman and ask him to formally request a restoration of the funds cut by the BOF.

Ms. Johnson expressed her concern with the Transit District being included as “Miscellaneous” in the Budget.  A specified line item would make it easier for the general public to review and comment.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 AM.