May 20, 2015 Meeting

5-20-15 | Agenda and Minutes


1. Approval of Minutes from March 24, 2015 Meeting
2. Public Comment
3. NTD: Operations Update (ridership/budget & staffing)
4. Signage at the train station
5. After-School shuttle: reallocation of service
6. Discussion - WTD Goals, Project Prioritization, Support

MEETING | Minutes

Westport Transit District Directors: Eugene Cederbaum and Jennifer Johnson; Town of Westport: Dewey Loselle; Westport RTM: Peter Gold; and, Norwalk Transit District:  Nancy Carroll.

The meeting was called to order at 10:10 AM. 

Approval of Minutes from March 24, 2015 Meetings
The minutes of the March 24, 2015 meeting were accepted, as presented, by Mr. Cederbaum and Ms. Johnson.

General Discussion
The meeting opened with a general discussion.  Mr. Cederbaum thanked the Norwalk Transit District and the RTM Transit Committee for their help and support during the budget process as full restoration would not have been possible otherwise.  Ms. Johnson spoke of the need to plan developments for seniors as it relates to transportation.  Mr. Gold noted that transportation should be considered as a necessary infrastructure that is for the public good.  Ms. Johnson suggested hosting a forum and starting a dialogue on the Public Good.  Mr. Cederbaum was interested in crafting a survey that would elicit responses from Westport residents on their transportation needs and perceptions.  The survey results would provide strategies for the FY 16/17 budget. Ms. Johnson asked that the public comments at the RTM Restoration Hearing be included in the record.

Public Comment
There was no public comment.

NTD: Operations Update (ridership/budget and staffing)
Ridership data was shared.  Ms. Johnson requested a different format for future reports with comparative data offered for each route and trend lines.  Mr. Cederbaum was interested in establishing benchmarks and looking to comparable systems to assist in the process.  Mr. Gold was interested in Metro North boardings at the stations.

Mrs. Carroll reported that the State budget request would be submitted on May 22nd.  The request for the new position would be included with a draft job description. General discussion followed regarding the tasks and goals assigned to the position; where the employee would be physically located; accountability; who would have oversight responsibility; including grant seeking and writing in the job description; and providing quarterly updates to the RTM.  

Signage at the Train Station
Ms. Johnson reported that the signs need to be printed and professionally installed.  All approvals are in place.  Mr. Cederbaum requested Mr. Loselle to ask the Police Department to oversee the process of putting up the signs.

After School Shuttles: Reallocation of Resources
It was agreed that a number of options should be considered and the cost for each option should be determined.  The meeting in June would be dedicated to route changes.  Mr. Gold suggested the collection of origin and destination data for purposes of making a decision on the reallocation of the funding,

WTD Goals, Project Prioritization and Support
The discussion of goals was tabled for a future meeting, however, some of the concerns that were brought up included: idling of vehicles at the railroad station; bike racks on the body-on-chassis vehicles; deploying ITS equipment in Westport; inclusion of Westport in Norwalk Comprehensive Operational Analysis; and the Town addressing the mobility issues faced my residents.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 AM.