June 7, 2016 Meeting

6-7-16 | Agenda and Minutes


1. Public Comment
2. Ridership - FY'16
3. Municipal Dial-A-Ride Grant
4. TOWN-TO-TOWN Services
5. FY'16 and FY'17 Budget Status
6. Bus Shelters in Westport
7. Marketing
8. NTD: Operations Update
9. Other Business

MEETING | Minutes

Westport Transit District Directors: Martin Fox and Patsy Cimarosa; Westport RTM: Peter Gold; Public: Sal Liccione, Bob Fatherly, Ron Corwin and Lois Schine; and, Norwalk Transit District:  Nancy Carroll 

The meeting was called to order at 2:00 PM.

Public Comment
Mr. Liccione inquired about plans for the closing of Lot 1 and the need for extra buses from the Imperial Lot.

Ridership – FY’16.
Mrs. Carroll provided ridership data to date.  Mr. Gold questioned the ridership decreases. Discussion followed about awareness, the need for a survey and the increase in permit parking at the rail station. 

Municipal Dial-A-Ride Grant
Mrs. Carroll reported on the funding awarded to Westport ($31,603) for FY’17 and how the funds are designated.

Historical information on TOWN-TO-TOWN was shared with the Directors by Mrs. Carroll


FY’16 and FY’17 Budget Status
Mrs. Carroll did not have a budget update for this meeting.

Bus Shelters in Westport
Mrs. Carroll gave background information on funding for shelters in Westport.  Discussion was then led by Mr. Gold on the need for on/off counts along the Post Road.  Discussion on the permits necessary and the Town’s insurance of said shelters continued.  Mr. Fatherly shared his experience with the installation of the shelter at Stop and Shop on the Post Road.  He worked directly with the ConnDOT engineers.

Mr. Fox led the discussion on the status of the survey. The marketing firm had been engaged and the funds to support the effort will come from the Town’s FY’16 allocation for marketing.  The survey will be launched in September with outcomes expected by October.  The survey will be distributed using the Parks and Recreation list, Railroad Parking Permit and Waiting lists, as well as other lists.  It is expected that focus groups will also be held.

Mr. Fatherly suggested outreach to seniors and public service announcements.  He noted the Westport Center for Senior Activities was hosting an August Symposium to hear about senior concerns.  Mrs. Cimarosa is slated to speak at the annual meeting.

NTD: Operations Update
Mrs. Carroll reported that Norwalk Transit District’s collective bargaining agreement with drivers and mechanics would expire June 30, 2016 and negotiations had commenced for a new contract.  She also reported on the Comprehensive Operational Analysis and the acceptance of the first phase of the ITS implementation.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 PM.