January 30, 2017 Meeting

Westport Transit District Directors’ Meeting
Monday, January 30 at 10:00AM
Westport Town Hall – Room 201

Agenda Items

1) Public comment

2) Approval of minutes of December 20, 2016 meeting

3) FY17 YTD Ridership

4) FY17 YTD Financial results

5) State of Connecticut funding

6) Passenger information tool update

7) Door-to-Door alternatives

8) Other business

9) Adjournment


Westport Transit District Directors’ Meeting Minutes

 January 30, 2017 at 10:00AM – Westport Town Hall, Room 201



Westport Transit District (WTD) Directors:

            Patsy Cimarosa

            Martin Fox


Norwalk Transit District Staff:

            Kimberlee Morton, CEO

            Britt Liotta, COO

            Steven Burka, CFAO


            Peter Gold

The meeting was called to order at 10:06 AM. 

Public Comment

Peter Gold representing the public commented on the fine job the Directors have been doing. 

Mr. Gold was advised in response to his question that the Town of Westport was responsible for posting minutes of the Westport Transit District on the Town’s website should it desire to do so.

Approval of Minutes of December 20, 2016 meeting

The minutes of the December 20, 2016 meeting of the Directors were approved as presented. 

FY17 YTD Ridership

A discussion of the ridership report ensued.  With the exception of the S-2 and the Imperial Lot, ridership continues to trend downward on the commuter shuttles.  It was noted that addition of commuter parking spaces is having a direct impact on ridership. 

Mr. Liotta noted that plotting of boarding and alighting’s as requested will be completed and presented at the next meeting. 

Mr. Fox indicated that the WTD is planning to evaluate its commuter shuttle route structure and schedule, examining the Green Farms shuttle routes first.  At this time, the WTD Directors have decided not to engage a consultant to assist with this project, but may reconsider this decision at another time.

Overall Door-to-Door usage is down year-to-date by 4.3%, with ridership below the WTD’s expectations.

FY17 YTD Financial results

Highlighted below are the financial results through December 2016 presented by

 Mr. Fox.

Ø  Operating loss prior to local subsidy was about $142,000

Ø  Additional local subsidy required over the original budgeted amount (excluding consideration of the mid-year Westport supplemental appropriation) was $5,500.

Ø  The shortfall for the year was anticipated to be $87,500 (consistent with the Supplemental appropriation approved by the Town governing bodies in November and December).

Ø  The better than expected financial performance was due to higher than forecast savings from eliminating the system of dedicating two vehicles for “Within Westport” Door-to-Door trips, lower than expected Door-to-Door usage and enhanced management of parts inventory.

 State of Connecticut funding

Discussion followed regarding the DOT’s “Budget Options” report to OPM for a 50% funding cut to Transit District fixed route operations in FY 2018.  Ms. Morton noted the Governor’s budget will be released in mid-February.  The direct impact is not expected to be known until April at the earliest. 

Ms. Morton advised that the DOT had released a study recommending statewide productivity measures including but not limited to 20 passengers per revenue hour for local routes and 10 passenger trips per revenue hour for express routes, two passenger trips per revenue mile for local routes and one passenger trip per revenue mile for express routes, and a 20% minimum fare box recovery ratio. 

FTA 5310 funding was discussed as a potential additional resource.

Passenger information tool update

A draft of myStop instructions for Westport Transit was presented.  Minor revisions were discussed and made.

Door-to-Door Alternatives

A Town of Westport RFP for alternatives was recently issued.

Other Business

No other business was noted.

2017 Meeting Calendar

Reference was made to the 2017 meeting calendar approved by the Directors at their December 20, 2016 meeting.  Meetings will be held in Westport Town Hall, unless otherwise indicated in the notice for the meeting.


The meeting adjourned at 11:18 AM.  The next meeting is scheduled for February 28, 2017 at 10:00 AM.

 Respectfully submitted,

Martin Fox

Westport Transit District Director