Westport Transit District Meeting Minutes 01-31-2018

Westport Transit District Directors’ Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, January 31, 2018 at 10:00AM

Westport Town Hall – Room 201

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Westport Transit District (WTD) Directors:

            Patsy Cimarosa

            Martin Fox


Norwalk Transit District (NTD) Staff:

            Britt Liotta, COO





The meeting was called to order at 10:04 AM. 

Public Comment

Members of the public who wished to address the Directors were asked to do so.  No member of the public was in attendance, so no comments were offered. 

Approval of Minutes of November 29, 2017 meeting

The minutes of the November 29, 2017 meeting of the Directors were approved as presented. 

Other Business

Mr. Liotta commented that the current Chief Financial Officer at Norwalk Transit, Grace Zweig, will be leaving her position during the month of February.  During the vacancy, Mr. Liotta will prepare the monthly financial reports. Overall responsibility for NTD Finances will be shared between Ms. Morton and Mr. Liotta.   The District has already begun the process of posting the position and calling in candidates for interviews.


FY18 YTD Ridership

The FY18 Ridership was reviewed by the Directors and Mr. Liotta.  Comments on the ridership were:

·         Shuttle ridership continues to be down YTD

·         S1, S4, and the Imperial shuttle ridership trends continue to be more negative than the average.

·         In the future, it will be useful to periodically also do analysis of ridership trends based on two year trends due to the fact that the railroad parking permit wait list was reduced by over 40% during the last year, which caused ridership reductions at various times during the year.

·         Door to Door ridership continues to be lower than FY17 (in actuality, slightly more than the ridership reports show due to ‘No Show’ trips being included during this fiscal year, but not last year).

Mr. Liotta offered to send over the list for the fiscal YTD client trip ‘no shows’ so the Directors can review and determine if they can have Westport Human Services work with some of the clients to lower these numbers.


FY18 Financial / Budget Update

The WTD financials for the first half of FY18 were then reviewed.  They show Operating Results Before Assistance of a deficit of $122K YTD.  The Town of Westport will only be billed $5K this month due to the changeover from billing 1/12 of a yearly projection to invoicing Westport for actual expenses less fares less State funding.  The deficit continues to be less than the projection that has been used for billing because of low Door-to-Door ridership.  Mr. Fox noted that these trends can change at any time.


Connecticut Funding Update

Mr. Liotta than updated the WTD Directors about Connecticut funding.  He indicated that the NTD is not aware of any new information since the NTD was advised in December by the CT DOT to expect flat CT funding in FY18, followed by  a 15% reduction in funding limits in FY19.  There was a discussion of possible alternatives the WTD could consider later in the calendar year once there is more information about the impact of the WTD’s marketing program and State funding.


FY 2019 proposed budget


Mr. Fox handed out preliminary financial schedules he had prepared in connection with creating a Westport Transit District FY19 operating budget.  Mr. Liotta indicated that the assumptions being utilized seemed reasonable to him.  Over the next week, Mr. Fox will finalize a proposed FY19 budget and accompanying presentation for the Westport Board of Finance. 


Mr. Fox then went over the timeline for the Town of Westport to consider the WTD’s proposed FY19 budget:


·         February 9th -  informal budget workshop with Westport Board of Finance

·         Late February / early March -- Proposed budget sent to Town Finance Director for distribution to Town Board of Finance

·         March 13th – formal presentation of WTD budget to Town Board of Finance, with a subsequent vote on the entire Town budget in early April

·         If approved by Board of Finance, budget goes to Westport RTM in May for final approval

·         If not approved, goes back to Board of Finance about two weeks after March 13 meeting for appeal, and then to RTM for consideration.



The meeting adjourned at 11:02 AM.  The next meeting is scheduled for March 28, 2018 at 10:00 AM.



Respectfully submitted,



Martin Fox

Westport Transit District Director