“Sweeping” “Far-reaching” and “Deep” 

These are the terms used to describe possible budget cuts to the state’s transportation services this year and every business, bus rider, and resident in the region could be impacted by it. 

Bus services provided by Norwalk Transit will certainly be affected by decisions made in Hartford for this upcoming Fiscal Year. Independent Transit Districts have been asked to prepare a budget with a 15% decrease in state funding. This amounts to a funding cut of over $1.1 million dollars.  Just to be clear, a 15% reduction in funding would severely reduce bus service leaving only a few routes in operation.  How would this affect you as the rider?  Click here to view a brief presentation on what kinds of reductions the riders could see if the funding were cut. 

Imagine Norwalk and the neighboring region without a bus system!

The inability to invest in bus service means fewer and, in many cases, no mobility options for riders who use buses to get to work, school, hospitals, day care centers, shopping and other critical community services. For many businesses this would mean that employees would have no way to get to work. For residents it would surely mean an increase in street traffic and other changes in communities.

What can the riders do?  Support funding for Transit!!

Please take a moment to fill out our survey below - let us know what the buses mean to you so we can share your story with the legislators.

Also, please see below the survey for links to your local legislators.  Give them a call - let them know that we need to secure bus funding for the future!!  Your Voice Matters!!!

Why is the bus important to you? 

Please take a minute to let Norwalk Transit know what these changes mean to you. 

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How to find your legislator

Find your legislator and share your story.  Once you find your representative, please send an email or call their office.  Calling is very effective to have your voice heard!! * Norwalk Legislators